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Permits, Site Preparation, and Shed Delivery Information

Building Permits

Prior to purchasing our quality sheds or outdoor living product, we recommend that you check with your local township office to find out the requirements in placing a shed, garage ect. on your property. A set of guidelines may be required for you to follow which will advise you on setback requirements and determine where the shed can be placed in relation to front, side and rear property lines as well as utility easements. Since all municipalities have differing rules and regulations, we are unable to advise you exactly what may be required. We can supply building specs and proof of insurance to assist you with the permit process or we may be able to obtain the permit for you at an additional cost. This is reserved for certain townships and counties only, so please ask us for details if you are interested in having this done. The property owner is responsible to either obtain the permit or having the service provided for them. Sealed architectural drawings are available at an additional cost.

We Can Do the Site Prep for your Shed:

A nice flat surface is the best start for installing a shed. Dutch Home Outdoors can handle all of the details and prepare your site for your new shed alleviating you of all that work. Site preparation is an additional charge. Contact us for more details.

DIY Site Preparation Advice:

  • Dig out the grass 3-5” and create a level area 12” larger on each side of the shed, than the size of the structure. (to allow drainage of rainwater coming off the roof)
  • Fill in the area with ¾” clean crushed stone to allow rainwater to drain away from your building. Make sure you level the pad. Weed barrier may be put down before filling with stone. This helps with weed control and stone stability.
  • A 4X4 pressure treated border (attached with rebar) may be helpful in keeping the stone contained in the pad area.
  • Concrete pads are also an option, but are not required and usually not recommended as this tends to not allow water to drain away from the structure.
  • We also have a crew that can install a pad site for you. Check with your sales person for details and cost.

NOTE: We do not recommend using cinder blocks as a base for your shed. The blocks tend to lift when the ground freezes and thaws resulting in your shed becoming unlevel.

It is important to confirm that the prepared site is accessible to our delivery truck and trailer or shed mule.

  • Our driver must have at least 12” of clearance on each side, depending on the size of the building.
  • Please note that there must not be any trees, tree limbs or branches, shrubs, fences or utility line that would prohibit us from delivering the structure.
  • Extra charges will be applied on the day of delivery if extra time is spent removing obstacles or leveling shed site.
  • If in doubt, please contact us prior to placing the order – we do offer site checks as well.
  • If your site is inaccessible, we can build your structure on site if needed. Additional cost will apply.
  • Drivers are not responsible for ruts in the lawn during delivery, although every precaution is taken to not damage your property.

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