Wood Sheds

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Whether you need to replace an existing shed or you simply want more storage space, our line of quality storage wood sheds may be the perfect solution! Built with premium quality lumber by Pennsylvania craftsmen, these sheds feature solid construction that ensures long-lasting durability.

Trim Packages

The New England Deluxe Trim Package adds an artistic touch to your building. It features a wider 5″ trim and gives your building a wider overhang than buildings with the Signature Trim Package. The trim is a composite wood giving it a authentic-looking wood grain and it is resistant to rot.

The Signature Trim Package is the most economical choice for your garden shed trim package. It features a 3″ trim using a poly product that resists decay.

The A-Frame Building

A popular peak style with its versatile layout and lower pitched roof.

  • Peak Roof
  • 78″ Walls
  • 5/12 Pitch

The Cape Cod Building

An extremely popular design with a roofline midway between the Classic and A-Frame.

  • Peak Roof
  • 78″ Walls
  • 7/12 Pitch

The Quaker Building

An attractive and unique design with a distinctive roof overhang on the front.

  • Offset Roof
  • 84″ Front, 72″ Back Walls
  • 7/12 Pitch

The Colonial Dutch Barn

This barn design offers high sidewalls and accommodates doors on the sides.

  • Gambrel Roof
  • 78″ Walls

The 6′ Mini Barn

Our most economical storage option. Perfect for basic yard and garden storage.

  • Gambrel Roof
  • 6′ Walls

Board and Batten

Step back in time with the rustic charm of board and batten siding. Using heavy duty post and beam construction and beautiful rough-hewn pine siding, these sheds are sure to add unique style to your backyard.

The 4 ft Mini Barn
An economical choice for basic yard and garden storage. Same as our 6′ mini barn but with 4′ high side walls.

  • Gambral Roof
  • 4′ Side Walls

Monterey Barn

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